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Do you have five minutes to spare each day for 100 days?  Of course you do!  So let’s all take on a new challenge.  Today I am starting Give It 100 and 100 Happy Days.  Why both?  Why not?  I’m never one to shy away from a challenge 😉

What’s this all about?  For Give It 100 you choose an activity, video yourself and complete it each day for 100 days.   Essentially you practice something that you want to get better at and share your progress.   We are all beginners at some point, by chronicling our journey we can reflect on how far we have come and all in just 100 days!  For 100 days, I will be posting 10 sec videos of my chin up.  Hopefully I won’t be making any baby cries and won’t embarrass myself too much.  While you do not need to complete this challenge within 100 consecutive days, this is my goal 🙂

What’s 100 Happy Days you ask?  Well, we all need to slow down and find bliss in the present moment.  71% of people that started this challenge did not complete it, indicating that they did not have enough time.  People simply do not have enough time to be happy?  How could this be?  Do you?  All you need to do is post a picture each day of something that has made you happy.  This challenge is for you, not for anyone else.  Why am I starting?  So I can reflect on all that I have to be grateful for.

Are you joining me?  Check out both websites, do both, do one, but let’s set out on this adventure together!  Let me know what you will be doing for Give It 100 and share your 100 Happy Days pics.

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