A Fresh Start

It’s taken me a long time to get here. I’ve been feeling so disappointed in not keeping up with this space. I’ll be honest once a couple weeks went by I was embarrassed. I had failed myself and everyone.  How could I muster up the courage to write again?  Well here I am, I’ve finally put my big girl panties on and WE ARE BACK!

December is such a tough month for me and while this year was much better than last, I still suffer from the winter blues.  It’s the busiest most stressful time of year at the ‘day job’ and frankly I get cranky when there is no sun.  This year had it’s own set of challenges – trying to pin point my digestive issues, get my platelets up and keep up with my own school work.  On the level, I wasn’t doing a great job at any of it (HA, I know I’m trying to be a cool wordsmith).  So I could sit here and continue to beat myself up or I can shake it off and carry on.  Carry on we will.  I am so passionate about sharing low fuss, whole food recipes to fuel mind, body and spirit, healing with natural remedies and  bringing you some yogic love I can’t possibly not be doing this.  Plus, this makes me smile and smiling is fun, go on give it a try.

Since it’s the New Year, many are planing out their resolutions.  I hate resolutions.  We inevitably don’t keep them and quickly spiral into disappointment.  So instead I’m setting intentions. This year I intend to…..

  • be kinder to myself
  • only purchase needs not wants
  • do something every day to get closer to my dream career
  • do something every day to make me smile
  • perform random acts of kindness
  • be nicer

Let’s get the New Year off to a great start.  I’m sharing with you all my New Year yoga practice.  This 60 min practice focuses on opening the heart,  giving you a fresh perspective by asking you to rethink actions that may be second nature to you.  We will use small variations, that will draw your attention to your habits and how it feels to change them.  As we move through the sequence we will also call upon Ganesha – the remover of obstacles.  Removing all negativity and accepting transformation as it arises.


See photo with lovely stick figures for breath patterning and how long to stay in each pose.  

  1. Supported Reclined Bound Angle (arms can be overhead to open through heart).  Settling in, connecting with the physical and emotional being.  Meditative Pranayama: On the Inhale – So, on the Exhale – Hum.
  2. Vinyasa: Child’s pose, inhale to Table, exhale knees, chest, chin, inhale to Baby Cobra, exhale down, inhale to Table, exhale Child’s.  Repeat three times.
  3. Wide Child’s Pose with a Twist – Right side.
  4. Vinyasa
  5. Wide Child’s Pose with a Twist -Light side.
  6. Knee Down Side Plank – Right side.
  7. Knee Down Side Plank left arm reaching through the clouds (elephant trunk) – Right side.
  8. Stargazer, arm extending back – Right side.
  9. Vinyasa
  10. Repeat 6-8 on the left side.
  11. Hero
  12. Rolling up to standing.
  13. Dangling.
  14. Rolling up to the right side, arms still interlaced, reaching up at center, rolling down on the left side.  Inhale while coming up, Exhale while rolling down.  Complete on both sides.
  15. Forward bend.
  16. Half way up.
  17. Forward bend.
  18. Low lunge
  19. Low lunch arms overhead.
  20. Low lunge arms overhead on the inhale as you exhale draw the arms by the sides and come out of the lunge a bit.  Five breaths.
  21. Downward facing dog.
  22. Plank, exhaling to downward facing dog.  Five breaths.
  23. Cobra.
  24. On an exhale come back to Earth.  Inhale to come up into Cobra, looking over the right shoulder, Exhaling down, Inhaling to come up into Cobra, looking over to the left. Repeat 2 times.
  25. Downward facing dog.
  26. Repeat steps 15-25 on the other side.
  27. Split downward facing dog.
  28. Low lunge with arms overhead.
  29. Clasp the back leg, opening the heart.
  30. Warrior II with the back knee down.  Keep the knee down for steps 31-34.
  31. Exhale hands to heart in prayer coming out of Warrior II, Inhale to Warrior II.  Five breaths.
  32. Exhaulted Warrior.
  33. Extended Side Angle.
  34. Low lunge arms overhead.
  35. Downward facing dog.
  36. Repeat steps 27-35 on the other side.
  37. Wide knee Child’s pose.
  38. Hero
  39. Table
  40. Sleeping Pigeon both sides.
  41. Head of Knee with a twist, both sides.
  42. Forward Bend.
  43. Meditation with Ganesha mudra.  Interlace pinky and ring fingers.  Middle fingers will extend straight (this is the trunk).  Index fingers will bend and the fingertips remain connected (the ears).  Thumbs can be tucked in.  Look an elephant.

If your visual like me, these stick figures may help you out.  Yes, this is how I plan my classes 🙂


I bow to the divine in you and everyone. Namaste.


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