Yep, I’m nutzo about paleo and eating real food.  Since you’ve found your way here, I’m going to guess that you are also interested, maybe not as obsessed as I am, but wondering what all this paleo and whole food nutrition stuff is all about!

Now, I’m no expert.  I am just starting on this journey myself, but I am amazed at the fire this has lit.  I’ve often felt like a fish out of water, not sure what my life’s purpose is.  I finally feel like I am home.  My passion is yoga and holistic nutrition.  As I’ve said 2014 is going to be a great year, a huge shift, time for a new and lasting adventure.

Since we are all learning together, I thought I’d put a list together of all my favourite websites, books etc.  Aside of course from this fabulous website 😉

So let’s get this party started!

Websites and Books:

Best Paleo Staples guide: Yes, my nerd is showing again, first pick is a periodic table 😉

PaleOMG: Great food blog.  This was my go to when I first started out.  Plus Juli just got a super cute pup and guess what, his name is Jackson too.  If you follow her on the Instagram, you will be showered with his adorableness.

Whole9: Wondering where to start?  Grab the book It Starts with Food and start your first whole 30.

Balanced Bites:I started this crazy adventure in January with  a 21 day sugar detox.  I have never felt better and am thinking it may soon be time to do another!  Diane is also author of Practical Paleo.  This is a must for any new paleoster (I’m pretty sure I just made up another word).

Real Food Liz: Do you love goats? So does Liz.  She is also author of Eat the Yolks where she debunks all you thought you knew about nutrition with style, flare and whit.

Want to get your nerd on?

The Paleo Mom:  Scientist turned stay at home mom.  Are you wondering what leaky gut is? She’s got you covered.  Sarah is also the author of The Paleo Approach.

Robb Wolf: Former biochemist, now one of the leading experts on paleo nutrition.

Chris Kresser: So much great stuff here!

 Are you also an athlete?

Stupid Easy Paleo:  Stephanie also has some quick guides, which are super helpful.

Want the whole family to be involved?

Paleo Parents: Look how cute those freaking kids are!

Finally, you want to fight crime with all your new found energy.  Well you will need an action figure to do that.

Nom Nom Paleo: Not only is Michelle’s cookbook gorgeous, she also has a super cute action figure.

There are loads of great resources out there. These are a few of my favourite to get you started.  Remember, do what works for your own body, take what you will and adapt to suit your own unique needs.  As a great teacher once told me, we are all snowflakes.  What works for one may not work for another.  Go experiment, play but most of all HAVE FUN!

Did I miss a resource that you can’t live without?  Leave me a note in the comments….I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading,



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