Go on, start again

I have a confession to make. Remember, way back 60 days or so ago when I embarked on the Give It 100 and 100 Happy Days challenges?  Well, one of those has been going strong and the other, may or may not be non-existent.

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I have been going super strong with the 100 Happy Days.  I love finding something amazing in our everyday lives.  Taking a quick pic and then reflecting on all that I have to be grateful for.  And, that’s been a lot lately.  In our overburdened society we overlook and pass by so much every day.  We are so caught up in our own sh*t to literally stop and smell the roses.  If we just slow down and become more aware, there is so much beauty out there.

Like here – there is always something beautiful to look forward to, no matter the hardships you are presented with.  The beauty after the storm.  The best part, I didn’t even see the double rainbow until I had taken the picture.


For Give It 100 I committed to doing a chin-up for 100 days.  If you haven’t realized it already, I haven’t been doing a chin-up for almost a month now.  I went on retreat and got out of the habit.  Once I returned I went back to doing the chin-up and then got stressed with the silliness of uploading videos daily.  Another half an hour out of my day.  With all that I have going on (yes, I am glorifying busy) it was easy to just let this go.  I could beat myself up over this (this is a failure afterall) but rather than fret and broad it’s just time to start again.

So start again we must.  It’s practice, afterall, all we can do is start again.

This is where you all come in.  I need your help, continue with the chin-up (without video) or move on to handstand (photos)?

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  1. NATALIE says

    I say Life is busy enough for everyone I know. Play with your dog, drive your new jeep, take time for your friends, friendships, yoga, good food and good effor in your daily job. 100 days of happiness, staying focused on the present, being grateful for everything that comes your way is sometimes focus enough in one day let alone 100. Pushing out the negative, welcoming the positive. So chin ups, push ups, and hand stands are just an added extra bit of joy in the day if you have time. 100 days of happiness is the coolest idea. I say stay happy, work on a second 100 days, drink wine and if you can work in a hand stand…do it 🙂 Natalie.

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