Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

Your Individual Plan to Attain Optimal Wellness

It’s easy to be overwhelmed with the vast amount of information out there on the interwebs about health, lifestyle and diet.  With so much misinformation and conflicting advice it can be difficult to find your path.  We are all unique snowflakes, with individual needs, experiences, and lifestyles. The ‘one size fits all’ approach to health simply does not work.  Your nutritional choices, when you go to slHLC_logoeep, what beauty and cleaning products you use, the water you drink, even your approach to exercise all influence your health.  Holistic Lifestyle Coaching uses proven principles to build a strong foundation for long-term health.  We work with you to assess and evaluate your current health and build a personalized plan to connect with your passion, increase your energy, reduce your stress, determine how to eat right for your needs, prioritize exercise and fine-tune a healthier lifestyle that fits your routine.

Being in Balance

Our bodies want to be in balance and have an innate ability to heal.  If provided with the appropriate tool box we can move from dis-ease to vitality.  Your inner-guidance system for creating sustainable well being and Mind-Body-Spirit harmony resides with the four doctors:

Dr. Happiness – Identifying your core values, dreams, legacy.

Dr. Quite – Spiritual development, working-in, introspection.

Dr. Movement – Functional, mobility, optimal.

Dr. Diet – Food quality, hydration, metabolic typing.

The Six Foundation Principles

Through our sessions we will work with each of the four doctors and in turn the six foundation principles to rebalance the body back to wellness.

Sleeping – Discover how sleep provides you with the healing time and energy to live your dream.

Nutrition – You are what you eat.  Fuel for your metabolic type.

Hydration – Before we medicate we should hydrate. Not all water is equal.

Thinking – Focus on your dream.

Breathing – Returning to our natural breath, deep belly breathing.

Movement – Work-in and Work-out on a daily basis.

We are committed to determining the root causes that make our clients feel sub-optimal.  By improving nutrition, hydration, digestion, detoxification, breathing patterns, movement, sleep and the ability to deal with stress we unlock our bodies wisdom to heal.

How do I get started?

Through the initial assessment we’ll talk about your current lifestyle, diet, exercise and the fundamentals of creating a natural lifestyle that will guide you to looking and feeling great through optimal health.  Each coaching session will leave you feeling empowered, with clear, simple, actionable items.

What’s involved?

We start with the initial assessment where we review your questionnaire and develop a plan of action.

Lasting lifestyle changes take time, each session is designed to help you work through  the blocks to implementing your new healthy lifestyle plan, or to take it further.  Coaching sessions are spread over several months as the process of change happens gradually and requires clients to be actively involved. Instead of being told what to do, through newly learned knowledge and self-discovery, clients are encouraged to find their own wisdom.

To begin Holistic Lifestyle Coaching contact me at mel@cavegirlwarrior.com.