I tried a Tri and I liked it


Like may be too strong of a word, tolerated seems more appropriate.  My first attempt at anything of this nature was a success.  I finished, didn’t die (obviously, since I finished and am writing this) and didn’t come in last place.  Yay for not last place!  Definitely didn’t place well as is evident from my bike photos. Look, I’m just out for Sunday stroll.  Clearly I wasn’t working hard enough if I was able to smile that much!

Ok, so we may or may not have almost missed the swim, because I was braiding Uulie’s hairs.

 Look how cute her braids are!

Seriously, I am not joking.  We walk up to the beach and they blow the horn.  As I’m running into the water I am trying to get my braids in my cap and googles on (yes, I spelled that correctly).  Man, am I ever glad that we didn’t wait on the beach.  It was so rough on the Ottawa River that day, the organizers even said it was the roughest they have ever had an event in.  Oh and did I mention cold?!?!?  After drinking some fresh clean water (Yuck!  I drank the Ottawa River!) and helping a young girl out we made it back to shore.

I don’t know why I look like I’m smiling. I’m freaking frozen!  Clearly I need to tan my legs.  Good old golf tan. Is that a bun or are you happy to see me?!?!? Squirrel.

At this event the transition stations were not timed, so we tried to get dried off, did not warm up and headed off for the bike.  Just a little piece of advice for those of you who may wish to try an event like this, swim before the day of (what’s 200m, really?!?!?) and definitely get your bike tuned up (aka the one you borrowed from your friends hubby).   Biking with a back tire that is losing air and is meant for serious mountains makes for a more challenging ride.  But you would never have known from the pics.

Seriously I need to work harder. I should not be smiling this much!

After a 14.4km bike we had to run.  Oh wait, did I mention that Uulie does half marathons, she totally could have killed this event.  But as the amazing friend and woman she is, we did this together, right to the end!  The run was only 3km, but after all that other activity it felt like a million!  At one point I swear I couldn’t feel my legs.  I was NOT going to be the person that walked across the finish line, so we walked for a quick minute and then headed off again.  Another piece of advice, don’t take a 10lb water pack that flops around with you during your run.  So annoying!  Again, Uulie to the rescue and she took it for the last bit.  Seriously, I felt a million times lighter.  We finished right on stride, together.

Uulie is a shortie, I really am not a giant. Sorry Uulie.


We won, right?  When you get a metal that means that you won?

Yep, you can tell by the red face who runs marathons.

For all of you true triathletes, my hat goes off to you!  This sport should not be taken lightly.  I was frozen for the rest of the day, had to have a nap in the afternoon and had to get help with dinner.  Will I do another?  Sure, maybe another baby Tri, but I don’t think I will be rushing out to do a ‘real’ Tri anytime soon.  Yep, I don’t think this girl is made for long distances.  So let’s tackle 5km runs this year!  Let the training begin.

Thanks Lady that was stuck in her wet suit for taking this pic!

As always, thanks for reading!



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