Look, no one is chasing me…..

I’m starting to think that I may be a wee bit crazy.  Yes, keep your comments to yourself. I know you have all recognized this long ago, but seriously, who registers for a mini-Triathlon having never run before in their life!  Oh yes, that’s me – the kookoo one.

The other day I decided that this mad hatter better get at ‘er.  The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, snow was melting, what better day to learn to run?!?!?  So off we went.  I geared up with hat, coat and mitts.  Laced up my spanking new runners (oh don’t worry, there was hesitation – I’m such a girl sometimes, I didn’t want to get them dirty).  Set intervals on my Nike training watch and off we went to brave the wild outdoors.

Like any good beginner, I decided to tackle 2 min runs followed by 1 min walks for 2.3km.  I had my trusty companion by my side and hit the pavement.

Things I’ve learnt from my first run:

  1. Jumping around puddles is by far the funest (yes, is a word)!
  2. Be sure you bring a friend to take your pup.  Apparently after we did one loop Jackson thought it would be best to go home.  At least he added some additional resistance.  I train BIG, like a speed skater.  Jiggity J Jammer is my parachute.  Hahaha, I guess I was being chased 😉
  3. Get a proper hat.  It was freaking windy out there.  Achy ears are no fun 🙁
  4. Running up hill is hard.
  5. Running downhill is easy.  I know 4 and 5 seem intuitive, but I just thought I would point it out.
  6. I can actually still talk after running/walking just over 2km.
  7. Wearing your golf coat may not be the best idea.  I made a storm cloud!  For realz, there were drops of condensation on the inside of my coat.
  8. Hot pink shoes really do make you go faster!

Frick, do I call myself a runner now?  Or do I have to try at least three times? Or commit to a month of training? What are the rules, are there rules?  Since a great friend sent this to me, I must go by it……


Now taking applications for new running partners.  Apply below.  This white fluff ball is pulling the kitty card.


Oh, one more thing.   After a run make eggs….in your egg apron of course!!!!!

20140402_160522Thanks for reading!



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