My mind at times can be my worst ally


As I am sure most of us are, I am trying to break free from old patterning.  Habitual thoughts, actions, and directions that are not uplifting and that do not propel me along my true path.  This is tested everyday, if not every hour. 

I struggle with negative thoughts towards myself, even for the simplest things.  My house is always dirty, but I have so much fun enjoying life.  I didn’t get ‘x’ completed off the to do list, but I took time to snuggle with my pup.  I should be better with my finances, but I enjoy what I have.  Rarely do I go through a day and give myself a nice pat on the back and say “Mel, you did a good job today”.

I often get pulled into this downward negative spiral.  If you are in my very close circle of friends, then you likely will have heard this spiral.  I never thought much about it, until one day one of my friends said to me:

“Stop being so mean to my friend Mel”

Humph, why do we speak to ourselves in a way that we would never to another person? We need to start showing compassion towards self and treating ourselves as a true best friend.

Yesterday morning I decided I would weigh myself.  I haven’t done this in a couple months.  I feel great, clothes are falling off, and I didn’t want the stress of fixating on a number.  It’s just a number after all, right?  So I go to jump on the scale and all these thoughts come bubbling up.  What if the number is up?  What if I haven’t been doing as good as I thought?  Instead of getting up on the scale I stopped.  Took a moment to ground myself, re-centered and started toward the scale again. “It’s just a number. You have been working out a lot.  Muscle weighs more than fat. I feel great who cares what this says.”   I stepped on the scale and was right on track.

So the next time you catch yourself in a negative thought pattern, stop, re-direct, and bring it back to the positive.

And please “Stop being mean to my friend.”

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