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Dear Young Yogi,

It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, just breath and someday you will be flying.



This has been my nightly mantra.  As I become the strongest I’ve ever been – physically, mentally and emotionally I have been drawn to set challenges for myself.  Last week I reconnected with my daily home practice.  Every evening I head to the yoga room for a short sit followed by a yin practice.  I don’t set time limits for myself, I don’t have a plan, I just go and listen to my body.  While this may seem counterintuitive, I’ve been finishing with a handstand – in walks the challenge.

This is the first that I have been motivated to practice a handstand.  I never thought I was strong enough, but more importantly I was fearful.  Fearful of what – the world being upside down, supporting myself, trusting?  Sure, I fall a lot and I’ve only been able to swing one leg to the wall.  The fear continues to surface for that brief moment when I need to kick the second leg up.  But soon I will have turned the world upside down!

While at the gym last week I took the support from my trainer and got both legs up to the wall.  By trusting that I wouldn’t fall I gained the confidence to go for it!  I accepted the help that was offered and even suspended in a handstand for a moment, the briefest of seconds.  Note to self:  Do not do against a door – again! 🙂

Then this week, while at the yoga studio, I got a helping hand from my mentor and the most amazing thing happened.  I found comfort in being upside down!  Oh don’t worry, I fought it but with this variation I was able to surrender.  As soon as I lifted my hands out of the puddle of sweat I softened and started to breath.  I closed my eyes and relished in the moment.

handstandseries apr92014

I’ve caught the bug, I’ve had support, and I know the exhilaration of having a different perspective.  So it doesn’t matter how many times you fall, just breath and someday you will be flying.  And when you’re done flying, you get a high five, from your best buddy.

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