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My Yoga Journey…

I first started practicing yoga 5 years ago as a mere physical practice. While I was initially drawn to Power styles, my heart quicklyT01-YA-TEACHER-RYT-200 drew me to discover the quieter practices of Yin and gentle vinyasa, as a means to cope with stress and anxiety. It was on this more spiritual path that I realized, with a little push from a helpful guide, that I wanted to pursue 200 hr Hatha training. I completed my training at PranaShanti Yoga Center in 2011. As a self-proclaimed life-long learner I entered the EmpowerMe Yoga Mentorship program under the guidance of Marla Ericksen. With the support of my mentor and colleagues I developed the self-confidence and courage to step to the front of the room.  In 2012, I completed my Yin training and I am presently working towards a 500 hr certification. My approach to teaching is always from a ‘beginner’s mind’ reminding students to practice from a place of non-judgment and non-attachment. You are often met with a warm smile and a light, humorous approach to the practice. I continue to seek out learning opportunities and relish in ways to integrate these new teachings into my classes.


Classes Offered

HATHA – Hatha yoga combines sustained poses with attention to basic alignment and the breath, to develop flexibility and relaxation. Mindfulness brings balance and calmness to the practitioner. This style is appropriate for all levels and provides a great stretch and strengthens the body.

YIN – Often referred to as the ‘quite’ practice, poses are held passively for 3-5 minutes with an acute awareness to breath. Yin yoga targets the deep connective tissue of the body – mainly in the hips, pelvis and low back. This energy rich practice not only helps you open up the body, but also cultivates the ability to be non-reactive and stay with sensations. The Yin practice is a perfect complement to stronger Yang practices as well as our busy daily lives.

YOGA at the WALL – Shake up your practice, push your perceived limitations, break your patterns and become more self-aware of postural alignment. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or seasoned yogi, Yoga at the Wall offers a unique approach to your practice. The support of the wall provides stability, instant feedback, allows for you to explore the fine nuances of an asana and provides confidence to open up to more challenging poses. When you leave the wall and go back to practice in the middle of the room, you have a whole new awareness of alignment and your physical being. This practice encourages you to experiment, adapt and play.