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As some of you may have realized we had some technical difficulties last evening.  Instead of you learning how to make amazball shrimp kabobs you were watching white wash.  Yep, it appears that there was a problem between the floor and the keyboard – ME or by the COO (Chief Operational Officer, he works for free though so I can’t place any blame).

I’m new at this whole web mogul thing and am learning how to design and build the website as I go.  I’ve done pretty well so far if I do say so myself, however last night I royally messed up.  We were attempting to link a Google+ business profile to the website added a little code and BAM everything crashed.  I’m still not convinced that it was our problem, since we switched it right back, but I will never know – I had  it all in order before tech support answered the phone.

And by fix I mean I restored back to a earlier version.  When I called tech support it said wait time was 41 minutes.  I have never been known to have patience, so I started to roam around on the one screen I had access to (ie. not my wordpress dashboard) and found a restore option.  Sure, why not restore?  Files are what? I do not know, but I do know they do not help with reverting back to an old version.  Which makes sense because this is what was backed up every evening.  Database restore, well that’s what you want.  But lucky me, it is was last backed up four days ago, so this means I lost some content.  When tech support answered, everything was already up and running so there was no way of knowing what caused the issue.   I guess that’s all that matters, you get back to seeing words, pretty photos and food!

Sadly, I didn’t backup my whit.  So the last couple recipes are just that – recipes.   Why am I sharing this all, in the hopes that if you too decide to start a blog/website you can learn from my silly antics and my stupidity.  Let me impart some wisdom:

  1. Unless you know what you are doing, don’t mess with the code.  No matter how easy it appears.
  2. Write all your posts in a word processor and then transfer into WordPress.  We can’t have everyone losing their whit.
  3. Figure out when your hosting provider completes database backups.  It also doesn’t hurt to figure out the difference between a file and database (yep, this is how novice I am).   Now I have some researching for this afternoon.
  4. Don’t stress when you have directed people to an amazing post which they are all anxious for only for them to see white wash.
  5. Apologize to your email subscribers – they will likely get posts twice.  Sorry friends!  I heart you all 🙂
  6. Laugh, laugh and laugh, cuz that’s really all you can do!

By the way, the Garlic Lime Shrimp are totally up now.  You should really go check them out.

Oh and if you happen to not be able to read this, it’s because I didn’t make a backup 😉


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