About Me

Well, hello there!About me page

I’m Mel, a paleo loving yogini.  Welcome to my website and blog!

Hmmm, so this is the place where I am to tell you all about myself and why I call this space Cavegirl Warrior.  As an only child you would think that is an easy endeavor – talk about myself, but I’m putting it all out there, flaws and all to live by my motto – Foster love. Nourish self. Live authentically.

Let’s get at it, the abridged version of my story – As a child I was very active, involved in many sports and playing at a competitive level.  This was all side-tracked when I was diagnosed with a blood disorder, which prevented me from playing contact sports. In University, I considered myself to be skinny fat.  I started to flirt with the gym and we would even have the occasional short-term committed relationship.  But, just like how I’m a hypochondriac with a commitment problem, I always found myself wandering back to the trusty futon.  Following the demise of a long-term relationship (yes, with a person this time), a couple short-terms and a not so healthy perspective of myself, I slowly started to fall into very bad habits and the pounds added up!  By this time I had started my 200hr yoga training.  I was trying to clean up from the inside out – but not being mindful about the fuel I was giving my body.

The wake up moment – I may have or may not have ordered pizza weekly, maybe even bi weekly from a local pizza joint (ok, seriously I did).  Warning:This is a true story!  One evening my doorbell rings, I open the door and there in front of me is standing my best delivery friend.  As soon as he looks at my expression he says “You didn’t order tonight, did you?”  Listen everyone, when the delivery man shows up at your house and you didn’t place an order – you have a problem!  The next day I sought out the help I needed.

That was just under a year ago. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my overall outlook and yoga practice.  However, I still felt like there was something missing.  Enter my flirt again.  Yes, that’s right – I now LOVE to lift heavy things.  Who knows, I may be ready for the commitment.

I like to plan, but most of all to succeed!  When I started to train, I said “Self, you need to kill this!”. So I started my first 21 day sugar detox three days before my first training session.  I have never felt better and have a whole new perspective on food – just
eat real food!  I’m fresh (my term for newborns) with this whole paleo thing, I don’t do everything perfectly and I’m A-OK with that!

Maybe that wasn’t the coles notes version after all – but now you know where I come from. Oh and one more thing that handsome little pup is Jackson (aka.Roomagoo, Jigs, Roo, Jiggity-J-Jammer, Bugs, Monk; I think that’s it)  – the best little man in the world.

I hope to inspire you to eat real food and of course, laugh at my expense.

Thanks for reading,