Oh you don’t like walking around purple and blue?

Yikes, I was attacked by a spiky foam roller – AKA devil horned roller.  Yes, I should have known better, but at least my brain turned on when I went to the other leg and it said “Lady, you are crazy, this is going to hurt your little peach body”.  So I stopped and now…

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Jicama Breakfast Hash

I went on a mini stay-cation last week.  Sorry guys, but I needed to play a little before heading back to the day job 🙂  I over indulged with not being 100% Paleo so it’s time to get back on track.  Let’s start it off with Jicama Breakfast Hash.

I tried a Tri and I liked it

Like may be too strong of a word, tolerated seems more appropriate.  My first attempt at anything of this nature was a success.  I finished, didn’t die (obviously, since I finished and am writing this) and didn’t come in last place.  Yay for not last place!  Definitely didn’t place well as is evident from my…

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