The trials and tribulations of a dog sitter

Last week I was dog sitting.  While you may think adding one dog to the mix can’t be that difficult, let me tell you, it can add some interesting challenges when the second pup weighs three times as much as yours.

These are the things I learnt while having two pups:

  1. When you enter the house, it is like they have never seen you before and have been left alone for days!  They will literally tackle each other to get to you first.
  2. A kiss from a lab is much sloppier than a kiss from a white mutt. fools
  3. Be sure to have towels at all outside entrances.  Muddy paw prints all through the house is uber annoying.
  4. A leaf does have the potential to kill.  You must be protected.
  5. Make sure you get into bed first – then invite the pups in.  Or wait, maybe the best option is to not allow pups in bed! (See 12) pupersinbed
  6. Clean up after yourself.  Even if it is one empty dish on the counter.  When you hear a crash as you walk away from the door, go back in. Gotcha! Caught red handed.
  7. On sleepy rainy days your best friend can make a really good hat. rooonhead
  8. There is never enough water.
  9. And the floor is always wet around the water dish.
  10. Labs act as if they have never been fed before in their lives.  Charge that food!
  11. Be sure at least one is really well trained so you can chase the other that is terrified of new people.   Wait, this is another one that I should re-think.  How about always put collars and leashes on the pups when you take them out?
  12. Being woken up at 530am to Royal Rumble XXXIV, not cool.

These two are the best of friends, loyal to the end. bestbuds


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