The ups and downs of my first 5km race



This past weekend I participated in my first 5 km race.  Here is a glimpse into my chaotic mind.

The night before race

  • How about a yin yoga practice?  AHG, I can’t concentrate.
  • Oh I just dropped my brush on my toe. Why didn’t it break my toe? I could have had an excuse to not race.
  • I better set 3 alarms, just in case.  Ha, like I will be sleeping.
  • What’s the weather again, crap, cold and overcast.  Time to change the clothes I laid out two days ago.

The morning of the race

  • Shhhhh, I’m sleeping I don’t wanna get up.  Wait, I slept?!?!?
  • Let’s check the weather again, double crap, 92% humidity.  I haven’t run in humidity like that before.  I’m fur sure gonna pass over.
  • There is a gremlin on my chest, I can’t breathe.  Oh and I’m only just walking the pup.

On the drive there

  • Why did I pick a race 1 hour away?  I may poop in the car.
  • I’m so glad I was a fish yesterday and drank so much, the thought of drinking now, ugh.
  • Ok, I have to eat.  Just try and get half this shake down.  Big gulps.

1 hour before the race

  • They didn’t give me pins for my bib!  Is that an omen of things to come?
  • Where is the start line?
  • What the finish is up hill!?!?!?!?
  • Where are the bathrooms?  You mean I have to walk all the way over there????

30 min before race

  • Ok, I’m hot.  I need to change.
  • Ugh, I’m cold. Is this early on-set menopause?
  • Figured out the start line.  Rocket science, it’s the same as the finish.  Hence the out and back race.
  • Triathlon guy, do you want me to help you with your yoga poses?
  • Oh, Hi!  Say, what, you want to follow me.  Well that may not be a great idea, I will be the one at the back of the pack.

Minutes before start

  • Get to the back.
  • Shake it out.
  • Breathe.

First minute of race

  • Oh crap, I’m going too fast.   Slow it down, don’t get caught up in the group ahead.  They are pros: duathalon, 10kr’s just go at your own pace.
  • Left, right, left then straight ahead.  That’s what the guy said right?  Dummy, just follow the fluorescent cones.

Half-way point

  • This lady is really staying with me.  Am I holding her back?
  • Ok, warrior mode, let’s get this done.  I can totally do this.  Music change and both ear buds in!

1.5 Km left

  • Sorry, but not sorry, I just passed someone.
  • Wait, I can do this!  And not be last!
  • You’ve got lots left in the tank pick up the pace.
  • Oops, passed another person.

I can see the finish line

  • Look at me, I’m a cheetah.  I’m going so fast.
  • Sorry running partner, I’m killing this last bit.
  • The announcer called my name how nice.
  • Uphill finish, I demolish you.

Two seconds after finish

  • “We need your chip”.  Yep, you can just reach down and get that for me kind lady.
  • I won!  Hahahah they give everyone the metals.  Wait 31.13min, that’s my best time yet.  Guess that isn’t really saying much since I only ran 5km once before and really under trained.
  • I can’t breathe right now.  But for real.
  • Where is my water?

Two minutes after race

  • Where is that lady?  I need to go say thanks for running with me.  Even though I left her in my dust at the end.
  • Wait, I forgot my free banana.  Free Food!
  • Ok, let’s walk this out.
  • Oh am I talking too much?

On the drive home

  • I’m cold and hungry.  Can we stop for bacon?

And stop we did.  Post-race meal: burger with bacon and an egg hat!

Who would have thought that I’d like this running thing?  Just 4 short months ago I would have said “The only reason to run is if someone is chasing you”.  Always step out of your comfort zone.  Embrace transformation!



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