Time for me to ‘spring’ back

It’s the first half day of spring.  Rather than hearing the birds chirp, smelling the scent of fresh grass sprouting, seeing the first signs of buds on blustery trees – it is snowing!  And I am finding myself re-assessing and taking a step back.

Spring is a time to remove the clutter, start anew.  This can be a physical cleaning of space or a time to clear out mental/spiritual cobwebs.   Today, I have been having overriding thoughts of guilt for not maintaining my meditation practice over the last month.  Everyday I walk past the spare room and a soft voice calls out – Come, sit.  But I can’t find my cushion; from all the clothes hanging to be dried, Christmas presents still not put away, books abandoned and bed not put up from last visitor.  Did I mention that my last visitor was over a month ago!?!?!?

The time is now – I’m yearning to move my body, clear my mind, calm my spirit – in my own space.  So, clean I did.   While I removed the physical debris, I took time to add to my alter, to reflect on how I’ve grown in the last month and to ponder all that I have to be grateful for.

My cushion is calling again – this time I sit.



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