Weekly Round up

If you have been following this page, which I hope you have been 😉 you know that I’ve taken up the Give it 100 and 100 happy days challenges.

As I reflect on week one I have learnt the following things:

  • When your puppy is being super cute and is definitely your ‘happy day’ moment he will be sure to not cooperate for photos.  He said I had to contact his agent.
  • Some moments are not appropriate to chronicle.  My golf pants were so big that they fell off when I put them on.  While hilarious, not appropriate to post.
  • You really can capture innocence, joy and accomplishment.
  • Don’t jump up into the bar at home – you will hurt your head.
  • Don’t miss an opportunity because you are waiting for ‘something better’.
  • The progress you can make in a week is outstanding.

Check out my chin-up weekly round up!  Please note: the music is a little intense, but this activity clearly requires intensity!

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